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3rd of december, 2004
The new issue of the magazine is out in the market today and is available from all the leading bookshops throughout Lahore.
2nd of december, 2004
Auto Trader Pakistan launches its website in collaboration with Intelligent Technologies & Solutions.
22nd of october, 2004
Auto Trader Pakistan launched its first ever edition in Lahore. In this issue ATP has included a review of the Mitsubishi Lancer which was launched in Pakistan by Dewan Mushtaq Motor Company more familiarly known as DMMC. You will see regular test drives reports, comparing our test vehicles with other cars offered by major manufacturers.
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Ashraf Motors
Pakistan Group
Raziq Motors
Farooq Motors

Welcome to Auto Trader Pakistan

Auto Trader Pakistan is a fortnightly magazine being published from Lahore and has already revolutionised the way people buy and sell cars in Lahore . We are bringing to the masses a magazine that is wholly dedicated to the local Auto market. Auto Trader Pakistan sells advertising space in its pages, which gives customers the option to control the sales of their own vehicles, as well as having at their disposal a wealth of information on other vehicles that are available in the local market place. Auto Trader Pakistan also writes reviews and provides a buying & selling guide for the general public and trade. We are continually conducting surveys within the local areas to ensure our magazine is delivering what our customers want. Auto Trader Pakistan is the only reputable magazine in the whole of the country for buying and selling cars and our plans are to grow our magazine by targeting the local buyers and sellers coupled with the trade.  

We are currently distributing our magazine free of cost and it is easily available at all bookshops around Lahore . Our magazine is also sent to all dealers, distributors, sellers, resellers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, security companies etc…, coupled with the trade. With a circulation of 30,000 copies every fortnight, we have a confirmed readership of around 100,000 (one hundred thousand) every fortnight. Furthermore, complete contents of our magazine are also available online, where we get an average of 15,000 hits every day, which totals to a minimum of 450,000 hits per month.

We are extremely thrilled with the tremendous response we are receiving from the readers and advertisers of Auto Trader Pakistan. The magazine has become a great success within the short span of time it has been in the market, and is already proving to be a great help to all our advertisers in boosting their businesses. Not only are we overwhelmed by the hundreds of phone calls we receive on a weekly basis, but the success of Auto Trader Pakistan is also the tons of letters and emails we receive from our readers on regular basis.

This is a dedicated magazine for people who own a motor vehicle or aspire to own one in  the future as a point of reference or help in finding what you want from the car of your dreams or to your local service centre.


This is a tremendous magazine and I am glad that Auto Trader has been launched in Pakistan. I feel that such a magazine was long been required in Pakistan and Auto Trader has done a marvellous job to fill that gap. All the best guys!
Ahmed Ali
through email
a car racing enthusiast
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